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Premantura - Istra


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Situated on the very end of peninsula, Premantura immerses into the green-blue sea and presents a magnificent sight. What makes this place so unique is more than 30km of coast, hidden beaches and bays, uninhabited islets as well as extraordinary flora and scenery. The sea around Premantura is one of the cleanest parts of Adriatic. Typically Mediterranean architecture leaves an impression of a sleepy little town which resists the sea winds for centuries. The traces of dinosaurs, more than 70 million years old, on the nearby islet of Fenoliga, as well as thousands of years old ruins that stretch over the peninsula – are inevitable evidences of early life in this area. 



Premantura Istra
Premantura - Istra
Cape Kamenjak 

Kamenjak Premantura

Protected environment, 9.5 km long and between 400 and 1600 m wide, this beautiful cape immerses into the green-blue sea. It is a home for over 570 plant species, of which some 30 of them are protected by the law, especially many orchid species.
Interlaced white dusty roads lead you to the sand and stone beaches that stretch in a coastal line of more than 30 km. 

Fenoliga – an islet in front of Premantura with numerous three-finger footprints of theropod and ornithopod dinosaurs (they had two legs and were meat-eaters), as well as oval and horse-shoe shaped footprints of sauropod dinosaurs (had four legs).

Lighthouse „Porer“ – is situated on the islet of a same name, some 2.5 km away from the mainland. The tower is 35 m high and was built in 1846.

Perish church of St. Lawrence – built in 1632, with 5 altars and a bell tower 27 meters high. 
Due to its geographical position, natural resources and kindness of its inhabitants, Premantura is a perfect destination for everybody in pursuit of an active holiday surrounded by the unique landscape. Cape Kamenjak, 9.5 km long, is a protected environment - famous not only for its hidden bays and beaches, but also for more than 570 plant species, 30 of which are endangered. Among those there are also about 20 different orchid species, some of them even endemic.

In front of the cape Kamenjak rises Porer, the lighthouse built in 1846 on the 80 m wide rock. The lighthouse is nowadays an ideal accommodation for those who want a peaceful holiday in the manner of Robinson Crusoe. Premantura is also a windsurfers' paradise due to its crystal clear sea and adequate winds. The sea here is also a temptation for every scuba-diver since it is full of different fish species, shoals, underwater cliffs and sunken ships.

Premantura is an oasis of tranquillity and nature – there are no camping sites, hotels or other buildings on the cape. If in the mood for „Robinsonian“ adventure - don't miss to rent a lighthouse on the Porer islet, especially in summer. When visiting cope Kamenjak don't forget to stop at the southest part where you can experience a something extraordinary – night jumps into the sea from the high cliffs of Kolumbarice beach, decorated with torches. 

Kolumbarica, Premantura - Istra
Premantura is an unforgettable experience – not only a holiday venue. Ideal wind conditions make the place suitable for all kinds of water sports not only during the summer, but also until the late autumn. There is an attractive meeting of surfers that takes place here every November – it's called Hallowind.
For all of you who want to explore the beauties of the „deep blue“ there are numerous diving centres that provide all kinds of courses or equipment rental.

Here you can also find one of the few beaches in Croatia specially adapted for blind people. It is also useful to mention that there is a dialysis clinic in Premantura, which makes this place suitable for that kind of patients.

Come to Premantura, you won't regret it!!



Windsurfing – due to the convenient winds and a specific coast this place is ideal for windsurfing

Scuba-diving – the sea around Premantura is ideal for scuba-diving. It is crystal clear with many shoals, underwater cliffs and sunken ships, so it’s no wonder it awakes the interest of divers. The most intriguing sight is definitely a torpedo boat called Flamingo – a special ship of the Austrian-Hungarian war navy that was damaged by the underwater mine during the World War I. and now lies on the depth of 45 m. License is required for all diving activities. 

Fishing – the area around Premantura is very rich with fish. Almost 90% of all fish species of Adriatic can be seen here. Once in a while you might even see the dolphins swimming along with the fishermen's boats. 

Safari bar 

On the cape Kamenjak one can enjoy clear sea, beautiful canyons and amazing view from the beaches that are never crowded. During the day and in the evening you can also refresh at the unique Safari bar – a place built completely of natural row material found in the nature. This is a place for all generations. You should try their excellent Sangria and experience magical starry nights, without any „artificial“ lights. 
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